Uncertain Life

The fragrance of the brewing of the coffee filled the air. Francis took a deep breath of the smell as he got up to fill his second cup of black coffee. It just took him one and half months to get addicted to black coffee. He looked out the full wall glass window. It seemed as if he could touch the sky from his ninety-fourth floor of his New York office. Everyone below on the road seemed like miniscule ants in their miniscule toy cars. He smiled to himself, which slowly changed colors. He started to think about his first day in this country two months back.

As he set foot in the airport from his plane, a strange feeling seized him. He felt as if he had left everything behind and would never go back to France. An emotional turmoil coiled him as he walked dazed out into the lobby of the JFK airport. He suddenly started to miss all his people in his town, his parents, his sister, his brothers and all his friends. However, when he remembered Maya, his eyes were wet and he had a heavy heart. Before he came here, he should have at least approached her parents and told them about his decision to marry Maya.

Nobody in this town except his friends and his little sister knew about Maya. They met every day in college and went to movies and lunch quite often. Both of them went to college in their two wheelers which they would park side-by-side in the parking lot before they went walking hand-in-hand. They talked about everything under the sun, including their dreams about their future after marriage.

It was Francis’ birthday and they walked in the beach after a sumptuous dinner and a beautiful cake. Maya looked lovingly at him and asked, “What would you like as a gift? Now don’t say that you don’t want anything,” she added with a smile. “I really don’t. I have everything I asked for.” He said pulling her closer to him. Before either of them realized, their lips were locked in their sweet first kiss. He caressed her hair with one hand and she had both her arms around his neck. Everything seemed to come to a standstill as they experienced the thrill in their first kiss. It was the best birthday gift for Francis. Later when they sat cuddled together looking out at the sea, he told her about his job in the USA. And then all that remained were his wet eyes and his wet shirt into which she cried her eyes out.

He finished his coffee and put it down with a sigh, as he came back to the present. He turned around, faced his computer, and was suddenly beset with all the pending work he had to do. It was then that he heard a great blast somewhere in the building and experienced a rumble of the room as if it were an earthquake. He looked out the window and was shocked to see an airplane approaching the building. He could see it coming right at him!


Sara always liked to see her personal emails first thing in the morning. It pepped up her spirits when she read nice emails from her husband, her parents and her friends before she got down to work. She arrived half an hour prior to her scheduled work time for this little personal time. As she watched the screen filled with her husband’s latest pictures, her hand reached out for the half-eaten sandwich on her plate, next to her favorite tea latte.

They had been married for 5 years. But it was only one year since they were living apart as their jobs demanded it. Today was her last day in New York. She was going to join the branch office in Miami where David worked and whom she now met only once in a fortnight.

They both were very much in love with each other since they met 6 years ago in an official party. Both had been attracted to each other from the word go. Everything had happened so fast- the dating, the courting, and the nightcaps, that before they knew it, they were engaged to be married and then actually married to each other. Life since then had been rosy all along. They went out to a grand honeymoon, stayed in expensive hotels, soaked in garden tubs there, and made exotic love on the grand California-king beds. They were honeymooning ever since, till today. They had postponed the idea of kids though both loved kids and wanted to have at the least a quarter of a dozen. Their first priority had been their respective jobs, as they wanted to bring their baby into this world in their own home, not a rented house.

She quickly wrote a loving mail to her husband telling him about the flight she would be on tomorrow to Miami. She heard a commotion and suddenly everybody started to run out. She thought that it was the usual fire drill and so did not get up from her seat. “I need to send this mail right now to David. There now. Send.” She jumped up in her place scared when she heard the senior fire officer shout, “OUT”. He literally dragged her and deposited her in the stairwell. She reluctantly joined the exodus with no clue for once why and where she was going. She thought to herself, “Why is everybody in such a hurry?” It was then that she heard a voice behind her scream. ‘A second plane has hit the south tower.’ And she passed out into somebody’s arms. In a matter of minutes, the remnants of the building went crashing down to the ground.


Hello world!

I have been writing short stories since my college days, but never got to publish them. Since the internet is the best medium today to reach out to the world, I thought of sharing my short stories here. Happy reading!

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